Agenda47: Setting America Free from the Regulatory Onslaught of the Biden Administration.

Agenda47 Liberating America from Biden’s Regulatory Onslaught

President Donald J. Trump has announced his plan to liberate America from Joe Biden’s wasteful and job-killing regulatory onslaught, and to rein in the out-of-control bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. In a new Agenda47 policy video, he outlined a series of bold actions that aim to restore control of the government to the American people.

One of President Trump’s main proposals is to bring the independent regulatory agencies, such as the FCC and the FTC, back under Presidential authority, as mandated by the Constitution. He also pledged to reinstate his successful executive order requiring that for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.

Additionally, President Trump plans to create an ultra-streamlined federal regulatory framework specifically for new Freedom Cities, which will foster the invention of new industries and provide Americans with safe and affordable living.

To limit the costs of government regulation, President Trump promised to implement a regulatory budget and put a hard cap on the costs of regulations to the U.S. economy. He also plans to ban bureaucrats from pursuing enforcement action on informal guidance alone, and require all government regulations to be posted publicly or be made null and void.

President Trump’s final proposal is to protect Americans from the out-of-control Deep State by requiring every federal employee to pass a new Civil Service test demonstrating an understanding of the Constitutional limits on federal power. This test will include command of due process rights, equal protection, Free Speech, religious liberty, federalism, and the Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

According to President Trump, these actions will put unelected bureaucrats back in their place, liberate the U.S. economy, and attract millions of jobs and trillions of dollars to our shores. He is committed to saving America from Joe Biden’s economic disaster and restoring control of the government to the American people.

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